Star Trek Writer’s Response to a Bigot

Star Trek writer David Mack recently defended his own attempt to address diversity from a bigoted fan.

The original story talks about his statement that “it’s important work…”.

I’ve always valued the ethics of the Star Trek universe, and this just underlines why that vision of the future is a good one to aim for.

The Bigot:

You can call me a homophobe or use any other excuse you choose to write me off but the truth is homosexually [sic] is not universally accepted and I get to decided [sic] what I read The Bigot

The Hero:

I suspect that humanity will always have to contend with prejudice in one form or another. But that doesn’t give us license to stop struggling against it. It is exactly the reason we must press on and continue to do better, to demand better, to show that it’s possible.David Mack

The original post is here.