Racist bicyclist calls Asian man a “slant-eyed… fa***t” after calling 911 & faking an injury

A New Yorker was caught in an anti-gay, racist, and ableist rant in a video that is going viral.

A video posted to the Instagram channel “Karens Going Wild” shows a bicyclist in calling an Asian man a “fa***t” and making fun of his eyes, saying that his “$11,000 bike” is worth more than the victim’s car.

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The video was submitted by a man who was driving his car behind the bicyclist in a predominantly Asian neighborhood in Brooklyn and the bicyclist was swerving, so the driver gave him a “light honk to let him know I was behind him.”

“Then he looks at my car, and brake-checks me,” he wrote. “So I got out of the car to this.”

He said that the bicyclist caused a commotion and called the police, and that’s when he started recording. The bicyclist tried to knock the phone out of his hand and then he yelled at the driver.

“Why don’t you just act like a man? We’ll go around the corner and I’ll f**k you up, you p**sy-ass bitch,” he said as the driver taunted him. “You almost ran me over with your car, you f**king retard, you inbred motherf**ker. You know why you guys are all f**kin’ slant-eyed? Because you’re f**kin’ in-breds. If you see any ret**ds, they look like you, either they’re black, or-”

He then put his finger near his eye in a common anti-Asian racist gesture.

The driver called the bicyclist racist, but the bicyclist responded that the driver is the “the f**king racist.”

“You don’t think I belong in this neighborhood. I was born here. you’re not gonna run me over on my streets,” the bicyclist says. “You’re a weak yellow motherf**ker. You’re the weakest race on the planet. The weakest. I come from the strongest, bro.”

“You’re acting like a b***h. I know white women that could f**k you up.”

“That bike is worth more than your car,” the bicyclist says. “That’s an $11,000 bike, you dumbf**k.”

“I’ll slap the f**k out of you, you f**king fa***t. You’re a fa***t. You’re a fa***t. You’re a fa***t. You’re a fa***t. You’re a f**kin’ homo. You’re a f**king fa***t homo. I’ll break your f**king legs, man.”

The driver said that the fire department and an ambulance showed up because the bicyclist claimed to be injured.

“I’ve never seen so many authorities roll their eyes all at once,” he wrote.

The video has been viewed over 120,000 times since it was posted two hours ago.

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Author: Alex Bollinger

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