Paul Elam Interviews Film Maker Cassie Jaye on The Red Pill

A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam interviews Cassie Jaye who is a filmmaker and is making The Red Pill – a movie that looks at the Men’s Rights Movement.

She’s very well-spoken, and though was (like most of us) more indoctrinated with feminism, she has had her eyes opened while looking at the men’s rights movement.

The thing I appreciate about her, is that she was curious, and though she didn’t know what she might encounter, she still wanted to know.

From her website:

“From the producers who brought you, “Daddy I Do” and “The Right to Love: An American Family”, a young feminist explores the men’s rights movement and begins to challenge her own beliefs in “The Red Pill”.

MRA’s (Men’s Rights Activists] believe that for the past 40 years, feminism has dominated the political, social and cultural perspective and has shaped America’s narrative as a result…”

My name is David but my online nick almost everywhere is Altabear. I'm a web developer, graphic artist and outspoken human rights (and by extension, mens rights) advocate. Married to my gorgeous husband for 7 years, together for 20 and living in beautiful Edmonton, Canada.

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